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This ancient modality can support your health in many ways. You may find a release of stress or anxiety, improved immunity, release of emotional negativity, and improved concentration. You may find your sleep patterns improve, and you may discover clarity of thought. This is a gentle way to benefit your overall health.

About the Sessions

This is where Ancient Wisdom meets contemporary stress. A Singing Bowl Meditation will last about one hour. As you will enter the room make yourself as comfortable as possible. This may be to lay on a yoga mat or sit up in a chair. The use of blankets and bolsters when available will help create a cocoon to enhance the experience. After you settle in participants are introduced to the vibrations and sounds of the bowls as they wash over and through the body. The bowls are played around and at times on the body to deepen the meditative experience. Chanting, essential oils and incense are frequently used at different locations.  At the end of the session, you are invited to sit up and return to your day.

Questions?  You can reach Kati at 862-206-9034 or fill out the form below and she will get in touch with you.

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Kati Walker
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