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I had a pain in my wrist/thumb area that I get every once in a while. In the past when it didn't resolve on its own I had gone to the acupuncturist and after several sessions I'd be ok.  I thought that would be the course this time. The throbbing was waking me up at night… it wasn't even on my radar that the bowl session might ease the discomfort... the next morning I noticed the pain wasn't there! Putting the bowls on my hands opened up whatever was congested! 



The sounds around my head were of mother earth.


... I felt like it was a pebble thrown into the waters of me and created a vibrational ripple... that is me...


Loved the class. I have been carrying my stress in my chest – a heaviness and both classes have helped to lift all of that stress away. Yesterday I could feel the stress literally moving up my body through my head and out. Can’t tell if I was imagining that or if that could have been an outcome from your class. Almost a tingling sensation and once it was gone complete peace.


Thank You for your guidance through your singing bowls last night that brought BLISS to my body, soul and mind. I feel so full of Joy today and Peaceful at the same time. Good Vibes Only!


…When I was lying there with the bowl on my abdomen I felt like my whole body was lighting up. Who knows what happens in our wonderful energy sessions where we are feeling these vibrations but I do believe that something very powerful happened during that particular one. Thank you.


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